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Step 1:

Register for a quotation. You have the option of using one of the following methods:

– Call the hotline: 086 224 968

– Send materials to info@dichthuathoasen.com.

– Send contact information via the website’s “Getting a quote” area.

Step 2:

Lotus Localize will go over the project details and provide you with a quote via email, text message, or phone call.

Step 3:

If you approve the quote, please deposit at least 50% in advance to secure the service.

Information about your account:

– Owner of the account:

– Bank account number:

– Bank’s name:

Step 4:

Lotus Localize will translate documents along with contract signing (if required by the customer) after receiving the deposit.

Step 5:

Deliver the translation to you on time or ahead of schedule (by email or free delivery to you).

Step 6:

Lotus Localize generates invoices based on the information provided by the customer (if required).

Step 7:

Customers complete payment for Lotus Localize within 5 days


Lotus Localize offers consistent, high-quality service delivery in all customer engagements. Our in-house translators and staff adhere to well-established business processes, allowing us to communicate properly, deliver on time, and surpass client expectations.

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