Completed translation project

Excellent rating of 4.9/5* from over 4,230 satisfied service users

Following the language update translated and localized by Lotus Localize, local user reviews of the game have significantly enhanced.



More than 140 language pairs

Lotus Localize offers translation and interpretation services for a global scale of 140 languages



20 verticals

All our translators and interpreters hold a bachelor’s degree and possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of translation



Thousands of global collaborators

All translators and interpreters are native speakers holding a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of translation



Quality certified to ISO 9001:2015

Consistently guarantee that every project is executed to the highest quality standards, assessed through an international evaluation system


We are here to assist individuals and businesses who may need to translate documents when they enter the worldwide market. We have an in-house team with extensive knowledge and experience, as well as global translating colleagues, so we are confident in delivering high-speed, accurate, and appropriate translations with 24/7 support.

  • Document translation
  • Marketing translations
  • Subtitle


The necessity for interpreters is unavoidable as a result of integration and globalization. Lotus Localize is committed to providing professional interpreters who are appropriate for the needs of each project by offering a wide range of languages, locations, and types of interpreting
  • Escort interpretation
  • Conference and press interpretation
  • Cabin interpretation
  • Remote interpretation


Localization is the most effective solution for specific documents such as software, games, applications, and so on. Localization does not work on a word-by-word method. Basically, it is the process of adapting the source language to the target language. We understand that each language is distinct and diverse. We also want to provide the best translation services to our clients.

  • Localization of games
  • App localization
  • Website localization

Other services

Are you interested in audio-related services? Passion, emotions, and nuances of words have been key factors that help us bring satisfaction to our clients over the course of time.

  • Recording
  • Voice-over
  • Dubbing

Lotus Localize strives to deliver exceptional customer service

Quality comes first: senior linguists, native speakers, consistent procedures

Competitive prices: follow well-established workflow to save cost, maintain a high quality at the same time

Team spirit: value authentic relationships (customers, partners, and teammates); bring joy and team spirit to every project!

Lotus Localize strives to deliver exceptional customer service

Lotus Localize is the leading translation and localization company, specializing in major Asian languages with over 50 language pairs. Translation, interpretation, localization, subtitling, voice-over, and dubbing make up our services. We are eager to upgrade in order to deliver the best solutions for our consumers.

  • High quality, accuracy
  • Advanced technology
  • 1000++ satisfied clients
  • Over 1.000.000 words translated weekly
  • The quality management system is certified ISO 9001:2015 internationally

Lotus Localize Specialized Field

Economic translation

IT specialized translation

Legal translation

  Life sciences specialized translation

Medical/Health translation

Education specialized translation

Finance/Banking specialized translation


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