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We are here to assist individuals and businesses who may need to translate documents when they enter the worldwide market. We have an in-house team with extensive knowledge and experience, as well as global translating colleagues, so we are confident in delivering high-speed, accurate, and appropriate translations with 24/7 support.


What is Translation?

The process of translating text from one language to another is known as translation. Although there are currently a few automatic translation tools that allow us to understand part or all of the content of the original text, those tools should only be used to support reading comprehension.

The translation of a real document from the original text into another language still requires the dedication and professionalism of the translators, as well as an effective management and quality control team.

The advancement of technology, together with the trend of globalization, necessitates the use of translation. Do you need personal documents translated for immigration or to study abroad? Do you need to translate your partner’s profile and documents in order to gain a better understanding of their work and strategy? Do you need your company’s portfolio translated into another language for your bid?…

There are numerous reasons why you may require our translation services. We are certain that we can handle the diversified translation needs with over 100 language pairs and many different sectors, thanks to a skilled and motivated management team and thousands of translators collaborating globally

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Quanlity is The number one priority

We exclusively use a team of highly skilled translators and consistent procedures for all jobs to assure the highest quality.

Please see our Project Management Process (link in the “About Us” section to the “Project Management Procedure” section).

All of our translators have relevant language certificates/diplomas, are well-trained, and have many years of experience in the field of translation. Furthermore, for each subject, and each unique project, translators can be qualified through exams or interviews to ensure they are the greatest fit for the project.

Comperitive rate

We constantly appreciate pricing concerns, especially for enterprises with limited funds. Lotus Localize follows the working method in order to save customers the most cost while still ensuring product quality.

Check out our Frame Price List (link to the file “Domestic Compiled Framework Price List”)

Please keep in mind that the precise pricing of the material is established by the following factors:

– The document’s length

– The translation field

– Delivery time as requested

– Customer quality expectations…

If you have any questions or need assistance with translation services, please contact Lotus Localize immediately at 0866 224 968 for advice on the best solutions!

Allow Lotus Localize to assist you in achieving your goals of conquering the world, bringing Vietnamese products, people, and culture to an international level, and generating miracles!



Lotus Localize offers consistent, high-quality service delivery in all customer engagements. Our in-house translators and staff adhere to well-established business processes, allowing us to communicate properly, deliver on time, and surpass client expectations.

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    Lotus Localize is the leading translation and localization company, specializing in major Asian languages. Translation, interpretation, localization, subtitling, voice-over, and dubbing make up our services.



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