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Translation Industry Trends in 2024: What Should Be Noted?

21 June, 2024.
Stepping into 2024, the translation industry trends continue to evolve at a rapid pace. This year brings a host of new trends and innovations that industry professionals should be aware of and keep up to

How to become a proficient translator

7 June, 2024.
Translation services in Hanoi, and Vietnam in general, are among the rapidly growing and attracting fields of interest for many young people when choosing a university and a major

Top 8 Important Translation skills you need to have

7 June, 2024.
In this article, let's explore the essential skills required for translation with Lotus Localize

Advantages and disavantages of Translation and Interpretation

7 June, 2024.
As analyzed and compared in the previous article, it can be seen that while translation and interpretation have distinct characteristics and properties

What is Interpreting?

12 June, 2024.
In today's era of globalization, cultural, economic, and educational exchanges among nations are increasingly developing

Professional sports translation: Bridging languages in the world of sports

28 May, 2024.
In the vibrant of sports, the role of professional sports interpreters is like cultural bridges, helping athletes, coaches, and the media communicate effectively

How are translation and interpreting different?

28 May, 2024.
Generally, the majority of customers, when in need of translation services, are often confused or have difficulty distinguishing the differences between the definitions of interpreting, and translation

What is Translation?

28 May, 2024.
In today's era of globalization, cultural, economic, and educational exchanges among countries are growing rapidly

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